In the darkest times of my life, inevitably I would read something that would give me the strength to believe maybe, just maybe, this valley of the shadow of death was temporary.

In times of stress and worry, a good laugh can take the weight of the world off your shoulders. Or realizing other people have had hard times and made it through, so maybe, just maybe, you can too.

Maybe, just maybe, this blog can do that for you. Maybe in a particularly difficult time in your life, you can read a word or two from a Southern woman with just enough sarcasm and humor to make you smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Maybe when you’re down and out, you can see a light shimmering in the distance. Maybe when you feel like God has moved to Kansas and left no forwarding address, you’ll find He never left your side.

Maybe you’ll find it here. And maybe you’ll pass it on to others and light your world.

I’m Dee Bunton Hall. Wife to Todd. Mom to Lindsey, Kaitlyn, and Daniel. Step Mom to Joseph and Kelly. Mother in law to Dan and Nate. Child of God, Daughter of the King.

Welcome to Southern Fried Encouragement. May you find encouragement, comfort, and love . . . and maybe a good laugh . . . to give you strength for the journey.


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